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Hand Carved Eagle Fireplace Bellows

We've been selling our woodburned eagle fireplace bellows for some time now. This year, Roy decided he wanted to try making a carved version, and this is the result.

To many people, fireplace bellows and fireplaces conjure up images of colonial houses of a bygone era. These large, poorly-insulated homes were heated by flame. It's easy to imagine George Washington or Benjamin Franklin reaching for their favorite pair of fireplace bellows to revive a reluctant fire.

We wanted to create a fireplace bellows that would have fit well in those times. This version of our Eagle Fireplace Bellows is made of solid birch. The eagle and banner design was a popular emblem of the early 19th century and Roy carved it using hand gouges. Take yourself back to an earlier time.

Colonial-style house not required for purchase.

Dimensions: 20-1/4" long, 7-3/8" wide, 5" deep when open, and 2" deep when closed.

Historical note: The phrase "live free or die" is the state motto of New Hampshire and is most often associated with General John Stark, a famous soldier of the American Revolutionary War. The phrase was also popular during the French Revolution. ("vivre libre ou mouri")

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