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Custom Speakers


These speakers were made to replace some old desktop speakers we were using (that Roy also made), as well as being intended for an entry in an art show.

The speakers are made of plywood covered with shopcut veneers of tiger maple and wenge. The designs are meant to be mirror images of each other.


The colorful grill cloth was chosen to contrast with the black and white design of the speaker boxes as well as to get away from the standard of flat black grills.

Each speaker has two 5 1/2 inch midbass drivers and two 2 inch cone tweeters. Frequency range is ~60 Hz to 20K Hz.

This pair of speakers pictured is made of oak plywood with solid oak detailing. (Solid hardwoods are not a good choice for speakers because of the problems caused by wood movement. Therefore, we always use hardwood plywood or MDF as our core.) The design is tapered to better direct the sound. The speakers feature a 6 1/2" woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet, and a 3" piezo-dome tweeter. Frequency range is 45 Hz to 20K Hz.

This pair of speakers shown was built as an auxiliary set for a client with a weaving studio. She was looking for something to compliment her Southwestern style home. The cabinets are a red cedar and pine shopcut veneer over a plywood core. The lizard is burned in on opposite sides. the southwestern stairstep design is carried out on all sides. The speakers use a 4 1/2" bass middriver and a 3" piezo-dome tweeter. Frequency range is ~60 Hz to 20K Hz.

We can build your speakers to fit any situation--home, office, store, or restaurant--using drivers of your choice. Since there are so many factors involved in custom speaker design, the process is very interactive, so please email us for more information.

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