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Handcarved Mahogany Weather Vane

handcarved mahogany weather vane--labrador retriever

​​This weather vane was made for a customer who had seen a carved weather vane online that she very much wanted to buy. However, when she contacted the website, she was told that it was no longer available, and the craftsman who had made it was retired.

Learning this, she then sent us a picture and asked if we could make it for her. We didn't feel we could paint it as nicely as the original, but she has an artist friend who is going to do that for her.

We took on the job of carving the dog, a Labrador Retriever, and mounting it to the weather vane hardware. The dog is 45" long, about 14" tall and made from solid mahogany. We chose mahogany because it is a very weather-resistant wood.

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