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Fluid Art

Fireplace Bellows

We first saw the work of Fluid Artist Ashley Snow when she set up her booth next to ours at a show we do regularly. We were intrigued by her art and wondered how the abstract patterns and vibrant colors would look on a pair of fireplace bellows. So, we commissioned her to paint some for us, and here they are. We hope you love these as much as we do.

These fireplace bellows are a beautiful and functional accessory for anyone's fireplace or woodstove. Unlike many bellows available in stores, these are not flimsy "decorative accessories". They are built for people who depend on their fireplace or woodstove for heat and who appreciate that a good set of bellows is a valuable tool (although we think they are beautiful as well!)

These basswood bellows are painted with acrylic paint and varnished with a UV-resistant clear-coat. The bag consists of 2-3 ounce leather, very supple and able to produce a strong draft. We build the bellows with a strong steel hinge (covered by the leather) for dependability and a long life. They come with a rawhide lace tied to the handle, making them easy to display. They measure 20-1/4" long, 7-3/8" wide, 5" deep when open, and 2" deep when closed.

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