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Cedar & Aspen Keepsake Boxes

cedar & aspen keepsake boxes

This style of keepsake box is perfect for keeping memorabilia of all kinds safe and sound, from love letters to jewelry to travel souvenirs. The box is made of aromatic cedar, and the top panel of the lid is made of aspen.


Aspen, known for its beautiful, quaking, golden leaves in the fall, is normally a very pale wood. Occasionally, though, it contains colorful streaks that range from red and brown to nearly black. We took care to choose pieces that had these beautiful markings for the top panel of the box.

Aromatic cedar is a wood that has a beautiful figure and a beautiful scent. While the outside of the box and the lid were finished with tung oil, we left the inside of the box unfinished to let that scent escape. It will also protect any cloth souvenirs from moths.


The bottom of the box is lined with a plush velour. The filigreed hinges have 90 degree stops which prevents the lid from falling back all the way. The box is held closed with a concealed snap closure.

We carried this beautiful keepsake box as a limited edition when we had access to figured aspen. Although these boxes are no longer in stock, we can certainly make you a similar box from other woods. Contact us!

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