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Handcrafted Multi-Wood Table Top

handcrafted multi-wood table top

​​This table top came about because our customers fell in love with our Hardwood Cutting Boards (just so you know, they're a big hit at Yankee Swap parties). They thought it would be really neat to have a full-sized tabletop made the same way. We did, too, and this is the result.

The photo to the left was taken in our customers' dining room. The cutting board that inspired the tabletop is displayed on top of it.

The table top is made from eight different hardwoods laminated into a single seven 1/2 foot piece. Unlike our cutting boards, the tabletop is finished with polyurethane for a tough durable finish.

Here are Roy (right) and Ben, the customer, carrying it into Ben and Shawn's house to be installed.

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