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Schoolhouse clocks are a traditional and long-loved American classic. Even those of us who grew up with the big industrial circle on the wall have a soft spot in our hearts for them. We have built several schoolhouse clocks as custom orders, and that's how this one started out. We liked it so much, we decided to make it a part of our regular line of clocks.


Laughing Coyote's Schoolhouse Clock is made of solid cherry and finished with shellac. You can't get much more traditional than that! The clock is 16" wide and 24" tall with a bright 10" face that you can read all the way from the back row of math class. It uses a quartz movement (Okay, maybe not so traditional there, but quartz movements are long-lived and very accurate.). The movement requires a C battery (not included).


If you're interested in different woods or different clock movements, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your ideas.

Handcrafted Schoolhouse Clock

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