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We built our first wagon wheel clock for a customer in Colorado Springs, CO. She was looking for a gift for her son who had a rustically designed home with a Western theme. Since then we have had so many inquiries about our wagon wheel clocks, that we've decided to offer them as a regular item.


We now offer you our wagon wheel clocks in three different diameters: 18 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches. All of these clocks are built from pine. We use dowels to make the wheel spokes and birch plugs for the markers. To get the antique finish, we singe the wheel with a propane torch, brush it with a brass brush and apply various stains until it is just right. The wheel rim is painted black. Finally, the entire clock is finished with shellac.


All clocks use a high-torque quartz movement. Our wagon wheel clocks can still be made to order, if you would like something in a different size or just a little different than what's shown here. Please contact us with your ideas.

Wagon Wheel Clocks

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