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Cherry Rocking Alien

cherry rocking alien
cherry rocking alien closeup
original Voyager rocking alien

​​This is another commission that came to us through our Etsy shop. The customer was looking for a wooden version of the rocking creature that appears in Naomi Wildman's quarters in Star Trek: Voyager.


That little picture of the original rocking critter is all we had to go on. We did watch the Voyager episode in which it appeared, but you really don't get a much better look at it there.


Still, we think we captured the spirit of the critter with its broad shoulders and prominent ears. We hope it will become a lifetime companion for its new-to-the-universe owner.

The alien is made primarily of cherry with ash rockers and accent pieces and finished with clear polyurethane. The saddle is made of basswood, and the ears are made from stuffed cotton felt.

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