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Traditional Walnut Mantel Clock

traditional walnut mantel clock

This clock is a piece that Roy built several years ago as an exercise in traditional joinery. It's never quite fit into our casual decor, but we've always been pleased with it. When a dear friend of ours told us she was getting married, we asked her what she wanted for a wedding gift. She chose our walnut mantel clock.


Sometimes you just have to have that traditional look. Even the most casual of us might have that formal side peek through. Perhaps it's in your office, your dining room, or your living room. Many of us like to have one room in our homes that maintain that formal atmosphere or one piece that gives us a feeling of security and connection with the past.

In those cases, a digital clock just won't do. You want an elegant European dial, fine craftsmanship, and lots of dark rich walnut. This handmade mantel clock fits the bill amd looks pretty good in its new home, don't you think?

traditional wanut mantel clock in its new home
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